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What is a Business Opportunity?

A packaged
investment which
allows the buyer to
begin a business.

Many of us have trails of ideas for starting a new business, but all we need is a good business opportunity. India is the land of opportunities and small businesses are booming at a great pace.

The business choices are expanding and opportunities are rocketing in India. There are various business ideas to choose from, from Home-made chocolates to Web Development. Now let us first understand the difference between business opportunity and business idea.

Only 6.2% of Indian adult population owns a business.

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A startup business
idea refers to a new
concept that can be
used to make
money, whereas
opportunity has
proven commercial

They may seem similar, but startup business ideas and business opportunities are different.

A startup Business idea is like the seed which grows and changes into a business opportunity which will bring the flow of cash, if implemented well. For instance, you might have a great idea to set up a cafe & bar for singles in the city, but might not have an opportunity to implement it due to lack of resources, the idea will change into an opportunity when you for example expand the already established bar, or get a loan to set up a bar, or find investors and many more.

Which is why, business ideas and business opportunities go hand in hand to become a success.

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Types of Business Opportunities

The most common type of business opportunities are as listed below:


A franchise enables you to invest or buy the rights to use a company's name, trademarks and business models. For instance, the most loved Food and Beverage franchise of McDonalds is very famous in India just as Brainwonders is in the Education sector.

Distributing & Dealing

It refers to selling products/services made by some other company. In dealing, the focus is majorly on the product the distributor is selling. For example, there are distributors and dealers of books, like Crossword.

Network Marketing

In this business, a distributor creates a network of marketers to sell the product. One of the major examples includes Tupperware s network marketing.


It involves using brand name on or for the product being sold by the business owner. Like, to use the brand of Harley Davidson on T-Shirts, Jeans, Bags, Helmets etc you need the licensing from Harley Davidson.

Why should you own a small business?

Small business opportunities are mushrooming in India and it possesses great potential to grow and prosper at a good rate. According to one of the Tech Giants surveys, 30% of their business in India comes from small enterprises. There are various reasons for you to invest in small business opportunities. Small business like handmade recyclable paper or handicrafts can be set up in amounts as low as 1 Lakh at home. With lower investment and lower risk, the rate of return is comparatively higher. Even the government supports small businesses through tax rebates, tax holidays or easy loan services at lower rates of interest. All of which facilitates in setting up the business.

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Best Startup Business Opportunities 2021

The best three industries to invest in a startup business opportunity are as follows -


Food and Beverage


Education, which is recession proof and ever-rising with a growth rate of 200%, is clearly ruling the market these days. In fact, Brainwonders has been a premium opportunity for many dynamic individuals seeking to start their venture in the education sector. Very importantly, Brainwonders provides various franchise frameworks for the comfort of people from all walks of life, allowing one to successfully invest in their dream to start a profitable business in the evegreen education industry! Another booming industry, Food and Beverage, is a business that could be set up in home in the form of catering, bakery or could be expanded by buying franchises of a well-established brand like Burger King. Even the healthcare industry is on a good path of growth. For instance, people are now virtually giving counselling sessions and are able to help patients and clients from home.

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A startup is an organization established by at least one business person to build up an interesting item, service or support and put it up for sale to the public. The first test for a startup is to demonstrate the legitimacy of the idea. They have a thought that they need to create, test, and market. Startup businesses are organizations or adventures that are engaged around a solitary item or administration that the originators need to bring to advertise. An adaptable startup takes an inventive thought and looks for a versatile and repeatable plan of action that will transform it into a high development, productive organization. Large as well as gigantic. An adaptable startup commonly requires outer hazard money to drive market interest and scale. Versatile startup business can be characterized as a plan of action where an association is begun the premise of an interesting thought. Business visionaries need to make a plan of action and marketable strategy, employ key staff, iron out multifaceted subtleties in their startup business ideas. However, choosing franchise over a new startup business idea is a much preferred option when venturing out into unchartered territory, primarily because of the support and guidance provided by the parent company.


There are plenty of benefits to opting for a franchise over a startup business idea. Some of them are as follows -

  • You don t really require business experience to run an establishment. Franchisors typically give the preparation you need to work their plan of action not at all like startups.
  • Franchises have a higher pace of accomplishment than startups.
  • You may think that its simpler to get money for a Franchisee contrasted with a startup.
  • Franchises frequently have a set up standing and picture, demonstrated administration and work rehearses, admittance to public promoting and progressing support. While in a startup, its about building everything without any preparation .


Small business startups: Self starter, indie companies with small teams: Such startups are often bootstrapped or self funded, meaning that theres less pressure to scale. Common types of small business startups are family owned and operated barbershops, grocery stores, and retail shops.

Buyable startups: Businesses built to be bought out: These types of startups are usually associated with software and tech. An example of a Buyable Startup is/was WhatsApp.

Scalable startups: Companies that seek capital (or scale themselves). Often scalable startups group together in innovation clusters (Silicon Valley, Shanghai, New York, Boston, Israel, etc.) Google, Uber, Facebook, Twitter are just the latest examples of scalable startups.

Offshoot startups/Large company startups: Companies that branch off from bigger corporations: They are startups that branch off from larger parent companies to become their own entities. Example. Android

Social startups / Nonprofits and charitable companies: Social startups, which include charities and nonprofits, scale for the sake of philanthropy. They operate similarly to any other startup, but do so with the help of grants and donors.
Ethnotek: Inspired in Vietnam, A Whole New Way to Sustainable Fashion.

Lifestyle Startups: Lifestyle startups are born out of passion and desire for independence, with the founders putting their time and energy toward making a business out of their favorite hobby or activity.
Example: avid traveller starting a tour guide business to a web developer starting a freelance coding business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have any previous experience?

Brainwonders seeks financially capable and highly motivated team players determined to succeed in business. A Bachelors; degree from any reputed organisation is always a handy tool to have. While prior knowledge of counselling is not necessary, it is essential for prospective franchisees to demonstrate enthusiasm and commitment to this endeavour.

What are the typical unit hours?

The general hours of operation are Mon-Sat. Other operation hours may include meeting with parents, special private tutoring, and administration post 7:00 p.m. Some other operation hours include meeting with parents, special private tutoring sessions, and administrative services. But for any entrepreneur, the best of them will say- every living breath is a working hour.

Will I receive any training from Brainwonders? How do I obtain a Brainwonders franchise?

All franchisees will receive comprehensive training in operation, sales, and marketing. Our clear and precise support ensures that franchisees will be prepared for their franchise upon completion of the training period. There will be no stone unturned to ensure that Brainwonders DMIT Franchisees will be the best in the region similar to the one demonstrated by across our DMIT franchise partners around the country.

Will I be given any territorial protection?

Yes, we will together establish a marketing zone that is ideally suited to the selected market and location. With this, you will have exclusive rights within this area.

What kind of assistance will I get in opening my franchise business?

Yes, we will provide on-site support, ensuring seamless deployment of our services. Just as we did for the DMIT centre in Bangalore, we guarantee a smooth transition period as you start your business. Our operations specialists will work with you to identify potential target audiences in your area and craft a comprehensive project report outlining your marketing strategy. With our assistance, you can be confident that you'll be off to a strong and prosperous start in your franchisee journey.

What form of continuing operational guidance will I receive?

As part of your Brainwonders experience, you will receive an Operations Manual containing all the necessary information to help you run your business. The manual is subject to regular updates, and you will receive company bulletins and memos offering advice on promotional, operational, and business matters. Additionally, our team of experts can provide field and technical support whenever you require it. We are in constant contact with DMIT centres across India, from Bangalore to Delhi and beyond.

How can I learn more about the franchise opportunity?

Once the Online form is filled and submitted, the journey toward connecting with us begins. To ensure an uncompromising exchange of information and expedite the franchise process, send in your application as soon as possible. Our team will contact you on the same day for a detailed discussion about the franchising opportunity and answer any questions you may have. At Brainwonders, we are dedicated to making setting up a franchise a stress-free experience, and we’re here to provide you with any assistance you need.

How soon can I operate once I have been accepted as a franchisee?

On average, a unit is ready to open within 15 days of signing the franchise agreement. In our recent endeavour in Bangalore, this timeline was reduced even further - the DMIT centre opened in just 3 days.

Can I own more than one unit?

The hallmark of an outstanding franchise is its ability to facilitate multiple locations for its franchisees. At Brainwonders, we offer a Multiple Centre Program that encourages the expansion of successful franchisees by decreasing the fee per unit with each additional purchase. This program allows franchisees to establish multiple centres in desirable cities like Bangalore.

How much can I expect to earn?

For optimal profitability, a host of factors need to be considered - population size, geographical location, time invested in the business, proficiency as a businessperson, and current marketing conditions. We will help you provide the right assistance for maximising your profits with our well-structured systems and concepts.

I would like to study your franchise agreement. Will you send me one?

Our Franchise Agreement is a carefully crafted and meticulously considered legal document developed by high-calibre attorneys and seasoned professionals in the field of franchising. We take great care to ensure this document reaches the right hands; therefore, you must have a personal meeting with our President before we provide you with a copy. Upon completing this step, we will provide you with our Franchise Agreement and Disclosure Statement.

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