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The interest-aptitude test is an ability test that measures specific competencies in multiple aspects. It contrasts the multiple skill sets and preferences present in a person. This gives an occupational profile to understand the varying facets and individual strengths and areas that need to be developed.

Several people opt for the interest-aptitude test to understand and develop their professional path with suitable channelisation of their resources and are able to move towards pursuing happy and fulfilling careers. This in turn helps one to balance personal and social responsibilities as well.

Class 9 & 10 Student

Interest test & Career guidance during your 9th & 10th class will help you discover the right career option.

Class 11 & 12 Student

Interest test will help you make groundbreaking decisions in class 11th & 12th, discover your career.

Undergrads Students

With the help of our Interest test be in a position of full control of your career dreams.?


The Interest-Aptitude Test has various advantages

  • The interest-aptitude test will be able to highlight the areas of strengths and the possible developmental opportunities.
  • The multi-dimensional approach taps into all the aspects and helps in analysis of professional opportunities and areas that need to be developed.
  • The indicated developmental ability of the child also highlights aspects like logic, comprehension and reasoning.
  • It gives a measure of personal competence and predicts success for a job. This guides and tracks personal growth.
  • It is very defining when it comes to selecting the right competencies to boost the professional development.


The interest-aptitude test draws its foundations in psychology and human development. The test characterises on the fact that various jobs demand certain combination talents and characteristics from a person. The test uses the candidates answers to match the traits and profile of the person to the jobs requiring the same. This ensures that the individual pursues a professional journey in a field which is fulfilling in various qualitative facets. Thus, various situations can direct one to take the test:

  •   Aiming for future growth
  •   Knowing one’s’ expectations from a job
  •   Personal Guidance
  •   For parents and teachers to understand the child
  •   To select certain courses and career
  •   If one wants to restart their career or change the work environment
  •   Progressing in chosen field
  •   Improve job satisfaction
  •   Effectively prepare one professional life


Various schools, colleges and academic organisations have opted for an interest-aptitude test to guide student’s academic development, growth and management of the teachers and, to monitor and upgrade the institutional progress. Many corporate firms have opted for the interest-aptitude test for human resource recruitment, management and development and even for employee engagement programs.

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