Dermatoglyphics refers to the branch of science in the study of the patterns of skins (dermal) ridges present on the fingers, toes and the soles of human. Its reveals the congenital links between our fingers and our intrinsic qualities and talents. These patterns are formed from the external ectoderm and usually occur during the fetal development stage, The humans fingerprints form are thus formed from the 13th to 21st week.

Class 9 & 10 Student

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Dermatoglyphics Features

Uniqueness : There are no two identical fingerprints. One’s 10 fingers are not the same. Dermatoglyphics style, striae height, density, quantity and location of the point is not the same for everyone. No individual has ever displayed the same fingerprint from another digit even if taken from the same hand.

Invariance : The raised pattern network of lifetime from birth to death will not change even if it is due to the regeneration of the labor dermatoglyphics style, quantity and profile shape which is determined the same later.

Hereditary : According to science statistics, immediate family members will be more or less the same between the striae. Normal human cells have 23 pairs of chromosomes. If the chromosomes of the tree or structure are changed, it will cause the corresponding striae mutation. Therefore, the striae have inherited the mutation.

Multiple Intelligence Theory Test

Multiple Intelligence Theory Test

Everyone possess all Multiple Intelligence in ranging amounts. Every individual has a unique intellectual composition. Everyone can improve education and learning style by tending to 9 Multiple Intelligence’s of our students. These intelligence’s work either individually or together it is based on the ability. All these knowledge will make you understand the personality type of an individual.

9 Multiple Intelligence Theory Test

9 Multiple Intelligence Theory Test

Logical-Mathematical Intelligence (Number/Reasoning Smart) Linguistic Intelligence (Word Smart) Musical Intelligence (Musical Smart) Naturalist Intelligence (Nature Smart) Existential Intelligence (Phil Smart) Intrapersonal Intelligence (Self Smart) Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence (Body Smart) Interpersonal Intelligence (People Smart) Spatial Intelligence (Picture Smart)

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