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Almost 50% of graduates lack basic employability skills.
Brainwonders IQ test will help you identify your dream job.

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Know Where You Stand!

The Brainwonders IQ Test is a popular and widely accepted way to understand your competencies and overall skills. This helps one to know how well they are prepared for various career options.


Prepare Early - Gain Early!

Understanding your potential and preparedness while you are in school itself helps you get a headstart. Brainwonders IQ Test is an ultimate tool to understand and develop your basic cognitive processes.


High Paying Jobs- Now In Your Reach!

Several highly-paid and dignified jobs demand high thinking skills and sharp intellect. Brainwonders IQ Test helps you see your own potential and grow to achieve desirable and coveted jobs.

IQ Certificate

The Brainwonders IQ Test Includes

Learning style test

 Worth ₹ 2000/- 

Admission New Portal Access

Worth ₹ 1500/-

12 Monthly Webinars

 Worth ₹ 1200 

Why Does One Need a Brainwonders IQ Test ?

  • Brainwonders IQ Test is a simple measure of understanding one’s development with respect to their age. As one grows, one acquires skills and talents to do certain tasks competently. This learning helps one to grow professionally and check their profile with respect to high-paying jobs. Naturally, great jobs demand great minds- this where IQ test results help. One can even see where they stand with respect to great minds, which includes geniuses like Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton.

Learning style test

Learning style test

Everyone- irrespective of their age or status wants to progress and move to higher goals This is where learning helps, and applying the correct learning methods becomes important. With the learning style profiler, you

  • Know the best approach for understanding
  • Are aware of the right study techniques and methods
  • Use strategies that are actually productive
  • Gain motivation as learning becomes enjoyable
  • Easily grasp the concepts and apply them effectively

Future Career Options

Admission New Portal Access

Want to know when, where and how for all the admissions and applications processes in your way? Subscribe to the Ultimate Career Planner and never miss your chance to get a step closer to your career goals. Forget your worries by knowing about

  • Entrance exams and eligibility criteria
  • Application guidelines
  • Notifications for the various step of the exam process
  • Methods to prepare for the exams
  • Regular updates about colleges and admission criteria

Expert Live Guidence

12 Monthly Webinars

Want to reap the benefits of the information but don’t know who to ask? Tune in for regular webinars by the top counsellors and industry experts with the Ultimate Career Planner and get insider tips to accelerate your career journey. Let the professionals guide you with

  • Study hacks, tips and guidance
  • Ways to improve motivation and concentration
  • Stress-management and performance improvement
  • Charting your education and career path
  • Effective strategies to address various challenges


  • Logical Skills
  • Spatial Ability 
  • Basic comprehension & reasoning
  • Mental development
  • Competency to meet demands of high-paying careers
  • IQ Certification
  • Speed & Accuracy
  • Processing Ability


  • Register for the IQ test
  • Take the online IQ test
  • Get your IQ profile
  • IQ Certification
  • Intellectual Analysis

IQ Test Package


Free Learning Style Test 

  • Learning Style  Test

  • Learning Style Test Report

  • Newsletter Access

  • 12 Career Webinar - Annual Package

Basic Learning Style Test

  • Learning Style Test

  • Learning Style Test Report

  • Newsletter Access

  • 12 Career Webinar - Annual Package

  • 15 mins online session by a Counsellor


Advance IQ Test

  • Learning Style Test

  • Learning Style Test Report

  • Newsletter Access

  • 12 Career Webinar - Annual Package

  • Advance IQ Test

  • Advance IQ Certificate

  • (30 mins online session) by a Sr. Counseller

Ultimate IQ Test

  • Learning Style Test

  • Learning Style Test Report

  • Newsletter Access

  • 12 Career Webinar - Annual Package

  • Ultimate IQ Test

  • Ultimate IQ Certificate

  • (45 min online session)by a Sr. Counseller

  • Your Top 10 Career Pathways Report*


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